All About Craft Sewing's Best Kept Secret!

I've got a sewing secret weapon that is a pretty big deal.  I go on and on about it in my craft sewing tutorials.  Did you catch it??  
Extra strong thread.  What’s the big deal about this ‘extra strong thread’?? Let’s say that you’re doing hand sewing and the pattern calls for you to gather, wrap or tuft, and draw up the thread as tightly as possible.  Like when you are making a gathered puff like so:  
You’ve stitched and gathered your little heart out and SNAP!  The thread breaks and the only thing to do is start. All. Over. Again. If you’re like me, that provokes a slew of unladylike sailor talk. :)  Which is totally fine- the dog is used to it- except my blood pressure goes up too. The answer is extra strong thread.  My very favorite is Gutermann brand.   It’s 100% polyester and slightly thicker than regular hand sewing thread.  It comes in several neutral colors, and is available at lots of quilt shops, in large sewing store chains that start with a ‘J’, and online.
 I believe this stuff if primarily used for upholstery sewing, but no matter!   It’s great for high stress gathering (i.e. having to yank hard on the thread to gather something up) and sewing on buttons.  The colors I use most in my pattern projects are green, grey, white, and black.  Those colors will cover most of the uses in La Todera patterns and general household sewing.  
Just looking to make your sewing as fun and stress free as possible.  Ya welcome! Blessings and happy sewing, Julie P.S.  Fun fact- the bottom of the spool twists off and on.  Not only does it pop off so you can find the thread end on a new spool, you can hide things (ie sewing needles!) in the hollow portion! Great for sewing on the go!