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Novelty sewing patterns for 3D fabric projects.  Projects  to express your creative side or for unique gifts! 

Learn new skills with each pattern's easy to follow instructions, photos, and diagrams. 

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Holiday sewing projects!

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I am IN LOVE with this pattern; so clever and yet easy! Thank you so much!"


Your patterns are written and designed so even I can understand! I am so excited to get started!" 


Just stumbled onto your page...I was speechless and couldn't wait to order!" 

La Todera Adventures in Fabric Book

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Book Reviews

I'm delighted Julie is sharing her talent for using prints for three-dimensional objects in a witty and aesthetic way.  I have no doubt it will reach a large and appreciative audience of textile lovers.

Kaffe Fassett

...The book is filled with three-dimensional projects that surprise you, make you think, and allow your imagination to soar. "How can I change that? How was that made? I wonder if it's difficult? Is that fabric folded?!" All of those questions just flooded my mind as I checked out her projects... 

Mark Lipinski

Julie Creus's delightful and ingenious way of playing with fabrics gives an imaginative, bold and new look on color, shape, and form.

Brandon Mably

Each project in here is more unique than the last! Julie Creus has such inventive ways for tucking, folding, and stuffing fabrics. The results are beautiful, functional, and totally cool. 

Crafter's Choice

...Julie has a real gift of thinking in three dimensions using fabric. It's like she's half sewist and half engineer. I'm not sure how she figures all of this stuff out (my brain doesn't work this way!), but she makes amazing and beautiful things. The photography is wonderful, and there are tons of step-by-step photos to guide you through the directions, so that everything makes perfect sense...

Susan Brubaker Knapp

... This is one of the few guides to manipulating fabric for decorative objects instead of clothing. Though this book is not for beginners, sewists with intermediate skills and beyond will have a blast whipping up these colorful, tactile objects... Full-color photos, pattern pullouts. 

Publishers Weekly

Adventures in Fabric: La Todera Style has all the style of its author, Julie M. Creus, and her time spent in Argentina. It features 20 sewing projects for the home and family, incorporating ingenious techniques to achieve three-dimensional fabric embellishments. 

American Quilt Retailer

Julie Creus is a very clever woman - one of this special people who have the gift of seeing possibilities in shape and design that most of us couldn't imagine. In her first book, Julie has published instructions to make 20 three-dimensional fabric projects, providing loads of opportunities to use your fabric stash in ways that will surprise and delight you....

Homespun Magazine

This book has a good combination of hand-sewn items and those that can be made by machine. Each project looks fun and achievable, using easy methods and bright fabrics. The book starts by giving an overview of the fabrics to use, some basic construction techniques, and a list of general supplies. Even a beginner would find the instructions friendly and easy to follow. 

Love Sewing Australia Magazine

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