Big Stitch Quilting- It's a (Beautiful) Thing

Big Stitch Quilting Julie Creus of La Todera
Big stitch quilting on my quilt of the moment...   Big stitch quilting is a thing!  I'm a little slow to catch on.  And I don't mean just becau...

Adventures in Fabric Book

Adventures in Fabric book by Julie Creus of La Todera
Hi Blogland!I'm just having a love attack about my book,  'Adventures in Fabric.'  I'm absolutely wild about how it came out- the graphic designer ...

The Protea Pincushion- a Kingsized Flower Pincushion!

Protea Pincushion Pattern by Julie Creus of La Todera
No secret- I've got mad love for weird flowers.  The more exotic the better!When I come upon a species I haven't seen before, I can't help it-  I'v...