The Must-Know Knot for Craft Sewing

The Must-Know Knot for Craft Sewing

Ever tie anything into a double knot?  I lot of times, by the time you get to the second step of that knot, the first part has loosened.  Ab-so-lutely maddening!

I’ve discovered that a ‘surgeon’s knot’ is the perfect knot to use when tying something tricky.  Lets say that you’re following a fabric flower pattern.  The instructions say to use a running stitch to thread 5 fabric petals onto a length of strong thread.  Then tie the ends of thread together to form a petal ring.


la todera fabric flower petal ring

Here’s the solution for ya.  When tying that double knot, simply throw an extra pass into the first step.  That is, wind that thread around a second time.  That will usually create enough friction to hold that first part of the knot so that you can finish the second part without the first part getting all loosie-goosie. 


Surgeon’s Knot

Left end over right 2 times and tighten a little (adds friction and will reduce loosening,) then right endover left 1 time. Pull to secure and trim ends.


Tip:  If you are still having trouble, run your thread over a little beeswax or thread conditioner before you start tying.  You can even use a candle in a pinch!


Blessings and happy sewing,



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