La Todera Favorite Iron- Reliable

Best Quilting Iron

Did you ever buy anything so awesome that you just want to shout it from the rooftops??  As not too many of my friends are crafters, I thought you readers would be the perfect audience…

I love my new Reliable V100 Digital Velocity Iron!!!
(I knew you would be excited for me :)  )

A few months ago, my last iron bit the dust. It was spitting out water like a whale's blowhole, which is not only annoying, it hurts!!  

So I asked my pal Liza Lucy (she is the lady power in the Kaffe Fassett group.  You know how they say behind every successful man is a great woman?  That's her.  Plus she's very successful in her own right.  I digress. ) what kind of iron she recommended, and she told me about the Reliable Velocity.  I wasted no time and got one.



The coolest thing about this iron is that the soleplate and the steam chamber are heated separately. They are different entities- 2 different heating elements.  In regular irons, the water is heated by the soleplate element.  If the soleplate cools down a bit, there goes your steam. If there is a pinhole in the casing, you get spittin'.  Get the picture?



Consistant steamy-steam.  This iron has yet to meet a wrinkle it couldn't conquer.  No kidding.
The soleplate is smooth (not full of divots like lots of regular irons.)  The tip is nice and pointy for opening up seams.



Now, this iron isn't cheap- I'll say that up front.  Think of it as an investment iron for your craft.  

I found that the cheapest way (if you live in the US)  was to order from Bed Bath and Beyond online and use one of those 20% off coupons. With coupon, it came to $111.99, and I got free shipping since the order was over $50.
Worth. Every. Penny.

Now with all this gushing, you would think this is a sponsored post.  Nope!  Reliable doesn't even know I exist!  Just wanted to share a good tip with all y'all.

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