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Quilting Arts TV 1400 Series

Hi everyone!
It's my honor to take a turn on the Quilting Arts TV Blog Tour for series 1400!

What a thrill to be included in this series, the first of Quilt Arts TV's new host, Susan Brubaker Knapp! Susan is an amazing artist in her own right, and is lending her broad talents in quilting and hosting to this well loved show.

Susan Brubaker Knapp and I


Want to know when the show will air in your area?  Go to www. and type in your zip code to see when series 1400 series will be shown near you.
Wanna see previews of the episodes?  Check out this link.

Don't wanna wait for the episodes to air?  No problem!  Buy the series in DVD form and watch them anytime you like!  Live outside of the US?  This is the option for you!  All of the projects and techniques are fab!!

Buy your DVD here

I'm so excited about the projects I developed to be featured on this series!

The first one is the Pinwheel Present Pocket on Episode 1413.  (Click for preview.)

Perfect for little gifts like cash, gift cards, earrings etc.  And best of all, it's reusable!

The second project, featured on Episode 1409, is the Buttercup Brooch.   (Click for preview.)
Who doesn't love a buttercup?  You'll learn several key fabric flower construction tips.  Make a whole field-ful!
Buttercup Brooch
Thanks Quilting Arts TV for a great experience, new friends, and new opportunities to share!
Want a lil bit more on the filming process?  Check out this previous post.
Here’s the bloghop schedule, plus you can also read all about it on Quilting Arts Editor Vivika DeNegre’s blog here. Keep coming back here to click on the appropriate link for each day.
  • July 20: Sarah Ann Smith (sarahannsmith.com/weblog)/
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