Proud Poppy Fabric Flower class sold out at Chicago Quilt Festival

My Kind of Town, Chicago is...

Reporting back on the Chicago Quilt Festival!

So to recap, I was so excited to be invited to teach two classes at the Festival (in my hometown of Chicago!)- A Proud Poppy class last Friday, and another on Saturday.

Each class had 25 spots.  We were sold out each day (signup opened early on each day and was first come first served.)  I had made some extra kits, so we had 27 each day.  Dat's a lotta students!! Had to wear a microphone and everything!

We set up the 'front desk ladies' at the entrance to the festival with Poppy Brooches- they helped to advertise- thanks ladies!

Gorgeous 'Front Desk Ladies' at Chicago quilt Festival

My pal Stephen was my helper on Friday- he was a hit with the ladies!

Me and crafty Stephen :)

My mom drove in from Michigan to help on Saturday.  She arrived all dolled up with awesome blue poppy brooches she had crafted for the occasion:

That's my mom on the right!

Lots of preparation involved for classes like that-  I wanted students to be able to leave the one hour class wearing their new Proud Poppy Brooch.  So petals were precut and ironed and needles were pre-threaded.

Pre-threaded needles- a lifesaver!

I made huge visual aids- giant petals made out of scrapbook paper squares- and sewed huge stitches right through them with an embroidery needle.  Students thought this was just hilarious- but it was also pretty effective!  Heard lots of 'aha's when I got those out.

Here are some of the ladies who finished their brooches:

A mother and daughter pair of crafters :)

All in all, two awesome groups of students.  And so friendly!  I miss that about the midwest!

After the classes, we had some time to bum around Chicago.  Ran into my pals Marcia Derse and her hubby Peter and we had some great Thai food at Thai Valley, and went next door to Fruityland to have some awesome Mexican popsicles and 'Mangoladas.'  Mmmmm…..

Marcia and Peter Derse enjoying a Mangolada :)

My pals Todd and Stephen took me to Wolfie's flea market, where I scored lots of treasures like this one:

Vintage red toadstool bank with an adorable elf and butterfly on a spring!!
All in all, a great trip!  Can't wait to do it again!

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