The Bestest Sewing Template Material -from the Dollar Tree!

The Bestest Sewing Template Material -from the Dollar Tree!

I love me a good dollar store. How bout you? 

A few years back, I was looking for a cheap template material for making patterns.  I did find some mylar stuff in the quilt store which was decent, but it was pretty flimsy for tracing things from it.  It was also uber-pricey!!

I happened upon… wait for it…. flexible chopping mats!!  

They are basically thin but sturdy frosted plastic sheets.  They are easy to trace and draw on with thin sharpie marker, and cut easily with paper scissors.  Even better- they come two to a pack!

As I was afraid this was a temporary item at the dollar store (The Dollar Tree to be exact) as dollar store things often are, I went around to all of the local stores and bought them OUT.  Well ok, also- I’m borderline hoarder as far as sewing supplies are concerned…

As it turns out, this is a popular, and so far permanent item in their inventory.  You can find them here if you don’t live within spitting distance from a Dollar Tree. Which, if you live in the US, is darn near impossible.  You can also find similar items on Amazon- just search ‘flexible cutting boards.’

Note:  Unlike the mylar that you buy in the quilt stores, this stuff cannot be ironed on.  It will melt.  Ask me how I know;)  This stuff is just for tracing.


Hopeful that this is useful to you! 

Blessings and happy sewing,


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