Free! Full Moon Fabric Fan Medallions Pattern

Ah disposable holiday and  party decorations.  Such a fleeting life they live.  What if there was a big-impact way to decorate your next fete, fold up the decorations, and use them again next year?  Double what if you could make said decorations out of your most beloved quilt fabrics??

Free sewing tutorial by La Todera- DIY fabric party decorations

Now you can!

Meet the Full Moon Fabric Fan Medallions Pattern.  Quickly make 3 sizes of sturdy fabric fan medallions to hang on the ceiling and or walls.  Perfect for holiday decorations, party decorations, kids’ rooms, baby rooms, or even just to decorate your sewing room?  (I do just that!)

Free sewing tutorial by La Todera- DIY fabric party decorations

Just a plus- this is a low-sew, and even no-sew pattern!

What could be even better?  The pattern is free!!  I’d love for you to download and use this pattern to your heart’s content.  Get a feel for the easy-to-understand instructions in La Todera Patterns.  I’m hoping you will have SO MUCH FUN that you will pass this article on to your crafty friends to share the love!

Free fabric party decorations tutorial by La Todera

So without further adeiu- click the photo below and enter your name and email to receive the Full Moon Fabric Medallions Pattern.  You will automagically receive a link to the FREE download!  Happy Holidays, and Happy Crafting!!

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