La Todera at the Chicago Quilt Festival

Chicago Here I Come!

So excited to be leaving for my hometown, Chicago, later today!  Looking forward to seeing friends, my Mom, and teaching at the International Quilt Festival at Chicago!

My gig is at the 'Create on the Spot!' area- it's a make and take type setup.  We'll be making the Proud Poppy Brooch :)

How to get a spot at 'Create on the Spot'?  There is a signup at the Quilt Festival for all the make and take classes.  First come, first served.  All materials are included!  And I mean everything- here are all the pre-threaded needles I prepared for the kits for you guys:

The Proud Poppy Brooch is one of my faves.  Always loved poppies.  I remember my mom planted some in the garden she always had going when I was a kid.  I especially loved the middle part of the poppy, and it was important to me when I was designing the brooch,to make that part special.  Hope you like it too.

Another reason?  Well, on the original cover of the pattern, I used a Kaffe Fassett Collective fabric designed by Brandon Mably.  ('Macaroni' in the Spice color way.) Brandon stopped by my booth at last Fall Market in Houston.

What was the first thing he did?  Grab two poppy brooches.  Here he is demonstrating his Poppy Bikini top for young gals, and for older gals :)

Poppy Bikini photo output_DaGvIR_zps15b6026d.gif

Nice, Brandon!  Now I can't look at the Poppy Brooches without wondering which Poppy Bikini I fit into!! :)

Hope to see you in Chicago!  If you can't make it, you can always get the pattern and make your own Poppy Bikini! :)

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