Air Dots quilting fabric by La Todera for Clothworks

Air Dots/ A Closer Look Fabrics- In Stores Soon!

Can you guess what ordinary packing material inspired this group of fabrics?

Introducing 'Air Dots' from 'A Closer Look' fabric collection by La Todera for Clothworks!

Collage of Air Dots Snippets

This is the fourth group of fabrics in 'A Closer Look,'  all inspired by interesting textures we can find all around us!  By changing the scale and colors of these textures, I hope to bring something really original and an extra conversation element to your sewing projects. (You can read about Salt, Purl, and Shagreen, the other 3 textures in A Closer look here on this blog.)

What I like best about the Air dots are the colors incorporated in the shaded elements of the textures.   You may not notice at first glance that the black version of Air Dots incorporates several colors, but check it out:

New Quilt Pattern using Air Dots and Purl

The cobalt, grape, and pine colors add extra interest, and help them to 'marry' quit nicely with other fabrics that have these colors in common.  For example,  I was pleased to see that Black Air Dots looks pretty rocking' with the green, blue and purple versions of Purl in this quilt.  (Sneak peek!  - new quilt pattern coming soon!)  The texture gives the design extra interest, and the colors 'ping' off of one another :)

Also see Black Air Dots in the Pansy Brooch Pattern:

Perfect Pansy Brooch Pattern

I'm so excited to see how you guys will mix it up!!  Keep an eye out for this fabric soon!

'A Closer Look' Collection

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