New- Chevron Pillows Pattern!

chevron pillow pattern la todera

Sew Something Different!

Looking to sew something different?  Meet the Chevron Pillow!  

This pattern has been a looooong time in the making.  So many incarnations. But the basic design was swiped from antique French 'biscornu' pincushions.  Biscornu meaning 'many horned' or 'wonky.'  

Fast forward to 2017 and the La Todera lab, the biscornu is transformed- blown up to 3 pillow sized creations, and done up in strippy patchwork with quilting fabrics!


Usually quilting cottons wouldn't hold up to regular pillow use.  The answer? The strips are sewn onto a muslin foundation to give the fabrics body. The stitch and flip method and cutting chart makes this a snap.

chevron pillow pattern la todera
chevron patchwork pillow pattern la todera

The design creates a zig zag or chevron effect on the side of the pillow, hence the name- a total conversation piece! I love a pattern that looks complicated, but a snap to make- don't you?

chevron patchwork pillow pattern la todera

Another issue presented itself once again when designing a tufted pillow.  Often what kept me from finishing a pillow was what kind of buttons to use for tufting.  Not everyone has a button box from Aunt Trudy- and covering buttons can be daunting!

chevron patchwork pillow pattern la todera

Handmade tassels from embroidery floss, (available in every color under the sun) can be made to coordinate with any fabric combo you can dream up.  No searching for the perfect buttons or covering buttons to match. 1500s.

chevron patchwork pillow pattern la todera

I've been told that these pillows don't  just look cool, but they are comfy!  This unique 8 pointed pillow is a perfect noggin cradle.  This is the pillow they’ll fight over! 

With 3 sizes to make and endless color combinations, I hope you’ll use this pattern again and again. Make them for yourself, and for gifts for kids from 1 to 101!  (Our dog Ollie has claimed these two for herself...)

Finished size of pillows:  Small: 13"   Medium: 16 1/2"   Large: 20" across.


That's all for now- back to the sewing lab for me!




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