'Hand Sewing Only' Pattern List and Discount Code

Anyone for a little hand sewing?  By popular request, here is a complete list of La Todera 'hand sewing only, no sewing machine required' patterns:


1. Kafflower Brooch  2. Kabloom! Pincushion  3. Dinnerplate Dahlia Brooch  4. Momo Flower Brooch  5. Kanzashi Flower Fascinator  6. Hydrangea Brooch  7. Cream Puff Christmas Trees Pincushions  8. Perfect Pansy Brooch  9. Berry Bunch Brooch  10. Winky Pumpkin Pincushion  11. Pointsettia Brooch 12. Phalaenopsis Brooch  13. Proud Poppy Brooch  14. Full Moon Fabric Medallions  15. Camelia Gigantus Brooch 16. Cactus Flower Pincushion  17. Bling Balls Christmas Ornaments (no longer available)  18. Cymbidium Orchid Brooch  19. Kanzashi Badges


What's the big whoop? Welp, these patterns are perfect for take along projects for car trips, vacations, waiting for your kids at sports events, etc. OR, just something to do whilst watching your significant other's favorite TV program (which may or may not be your favorite too... :)  ) These patterns are also for the folks that want to 'sew' stuff, but don't have a sewing machine or the machine is sick in the shop. Then there are the people that just love hand sewing.  (I'm not talking fancy stitches here, people.  I'm talking big running (in and out) stitches.)

Yay for handsewing!  And just to celebrate that concept, we're having a little sale!   Use the code HANDSEWING and get 25% of your entire order, just like that! Shazam! 

(thru March 31, 2015)

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